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Here at TKC you and your new little bundle will find a loving family child care environment when you must be away.  You can rest assured they'll enjoy a sanitary, enticing, and colorful playroom to encourage socialization and growth plus a separate warm and safe nap room to rest in comfort. And you can be sure your infant will enjoy all the formula, milk and food you provide in their own dedicated storage space.



And as your little Keiki grows, they'll be introduced to the classroom with more complex toys and a simplified, age-appropriate curriculum where they'll begin to grasp the foundations of learning (ABCs and 123s). They'll continue to socialize through organized and free play activities with other Keikis in our extensive playgrounds. And parents can relax knowing another chore has been taken off their to-do list with all meals and snacks provided (except special needs diets).


preschooler cooperating in art project

And when it's time, you and your child will become better prepared for school and the outside world with advancing age-appropriate activities and tasks as developed by our professional preschool program. They'll enjoy greater freedoms as they're required to  learn classroom rules, social etiquette and homework responsibilities. And they'll feel their growth when they're included in "big kid" activities like animal care and gardening.